William.B.Yeats Competition


We are very proud of Clara Feeney who won the William.B.Yeats competition. Mrs Corry showed 5th & 6th two poems by William.B.Yeats. 5th & 6th could choose to write one in their own words a version of his poem or draw a picture based on the poem. Here is Clara’s version of his poem.

The moon glowed bright in the dark, night sky.

The cat crept along in the damp grass of the night.

The stars shimmered above his head, so high.

The night was silent and calm and everything could be heard.

So the cat paced up and down as soon as he heard the distant sound of a chirping bird.

The cat hid waiting for the bird to come near but the sound stayed distant but yet very clear.

As dawn broke the cat yawned, tired from his nights catch and beside him lay a dead bird that the cat had managed to snatch.