The school has an Attendance Policy in operation. Parents are encouraged to ensure that pupils are punctual and attend school daily.

To assist parents comply with the Education welfare Act, we use a standard absence form for notification of pupil absences. Each pupil receives a form which should be kept at home until it is required. When you need to inform the school of an absence please return the form to the school and your child will receive a new form which you can use to record the next absence. At the bottom of the form will be an indication of the number of days your child has missed to date. You can use this to keep note of your child’s attendance record.

The policy may be downloaded by clicking the link here:

Caoilinn Cahill, Scarlett Williams and Riona Williams having fun with a clock on the interactive white board at Inch N.S. Photograph by John Kelly.

 Photograph by John Kelly.