This year our school has been working on renewing our Active School Flag. We started this project by doing an audit of all the active activities going on in the school. Next we elected an active schools committee. The committee is made up of pupils from the school. The committee’s job is to plan active activities for all the pupils, communicate these initiatives to the school community and lead by example. We are very lucky to have fantastic, hard working pupils on this committee.  Read on to find out more about the fantastic initiatives we have undertaken to ensure we are physically active everyday at school.


Our Active Schools Committee

How we chose our Active Schools slogan:

We chose our slogan by taking all of the entries and voting on them. It was a very hard decision but eventually we got the slogans down to a final few. Again, we had to vote. The biggest problem was the amount of great entries making the decision immensely hard.

 After voting, we decided who the winner was. The winning slogan was

“Run an Inch or run a mile. Get up keep active and make your heart smile.”

Congratulations to Alan and well done to everyone who entered. We were pleasantly surprised to all the hard work that was put into all of the entries.

 From everybody in the Active Schools Committee, thank you for taking part in the competition, and a BIG thank you to all the teachers for helping to make this happen. We are looking forward   to more fun activities in the future.


Our Active Schools Slogan Winner!!



The role of playground leaders is to play games with younger children at break times.

Our Playground Leaders are ten pupils from fifth and sixth class who are in the Active Schools Committee. These pupils take it in turns –two at a time- to play with the junior infants; senior infants; first class and second class.

The Leaders do a great job in teaching the younger children how to play playground games. The Leaders also model how to include everyone so no one is left out and everyone plays nicely.



Go Noodle:

Go noodle is a fun way for kids to get active at school with friends. Many people have used Go Noodle and had positive results for children!

All of Inch National School have been using this website and all pupils enjoy it because it is educational and teaches kids how to get their sixty minutes of exercise every day. Most teachers usually use Go Noodle on a daily basis to relieve kids from that tough schoolwork.

There are so many ways to get active on Go Noodle; too many to count like star jumps, stretches, jogging on the spot etc…Sometimes, even the teachers join in the fun because it is that good.





The Daily Mile

The daily mile is an all school activity. We run every day in the morning.

Infants to second class run on the basketball court while third to sixth class run laps around the school. All classes run as many laps as they can for ten minutes straight. If a child is tired, they can walk or slowly jog. All students take part in the daily mile.

Teachers encourage the pupils run and to keep going. The playground leaders and the active school committee lead the warmup for Third to Sixth Class while Miss Cahill or Mrs. Gleeson lead infants to second class.  All children enjoy this activity and we are amazed at how fit we are becoming with each passing day.

As we are getting so good at the Daily Mile, we have decided to run around Europe. Mr. Mc Kenna has put a map of Europe on out Active Schools’ notice board. We have identified all the capital cities throughout Europe as well as the distance between each. Our total distance from the Daily Mile is calculated and indicates how far we have run towards each capital. So far, we have accumulated enough miles to reach Dublin and London. Next stop….. Paris!

The Daily Mile is also a great way to start the day and get our minds and bodies in the zone for learning.


Warming Up


As Fit As Fiddles



Our Committee Introducing The “Run Europe” Initiative


Active Homework:

This initiative involves pupils completing a piece of Active Homework each evening. The homework can be recorded in our Active Homework diaries. We love this kind of homework as it beats regular homework hands down!