We envisage pupils who

  • feel safe, accepted and happy in our school
  • belong and feel wanted and part of a school community
  • who feel understood and secure in the knowledge that they are recognised as the wonderful individual that they are
  • who are encouraged to express themselves
  • who are ambitious for themselves and their peers
  • are proud to be pupils of Inch National School

 We would hope that a pupil who had spent eight years with us would

  • have achieved their full potential, developed individual talents and a positive work ethic and grown as individuals
  • to be able to work and think independently, possess a commitment to lifelong learning and an ability to question
  • have high self-esteem, a sense of belonging and be respectful and tolerant of others
  • have enjoyed learning and have happy memories of a school where they were encouraged, nurtured, loved, supported and challenged
  • be confident and competent
  • be aware of the contribution they have to make to their community and society in general
  • have acquired good communication skills and be socially interactive
Marcus Escorscio looking pensive in class at Inch N.S. Photograph by John Kelly.

Photograph by John Kelly.