Izak 9 in Inch School


Izak9 has arrived in Inch School! This new maths resource allows pupils to engage in mental maths in a way that is fun and challenging.

The resource is made up of 27 cubes. Each of the faces on the cubes has a number shape or symbol. These cubes are used by the pupils to solve the various maths problems sourced from an online website. The maths problems are based on fractions, percentages, decimals, shape and space number theory and algebra.

This maths resource develops the pupils ability to reason and problem solve in collaborative groups using concrete materials. When using this maths resource, pupils think about how they think about maths and engage in discussion and debate about the viability of the various maths solutions they come up with. When using the Izak9 pupils are encouraged to come up with more than one way to find the solution to the maths problem /challenge, thereby promoting their “thinking outside the box” skills.

We would like to extend a very sincere thank you to the PA and the parent body for providing funding for this invaluable and innovative maths resource for the pupils in Inch. Your support and generosity is very much appreciated by the staff.