Laureate na N-óg workshop


On Wednesday, the 15th of February, pupils from 5th and 6th class attended a Laureate na n-Óg workshop in Glór Theatre organised by  Clare County Library. The workshop was presented by renowned author, Eoin Colfer and the famous illustrator, P.J. Lynch. The pupils heard stories from Eoin’s life and how he sets about creating characters for his stories. P.J demonstrated his amazing artistic abilities by creating sketches of Eoin’s stories as they were told and characters suggested by the audience. P.J. chose one of the characters suggested by one of our pupils in 5th class- an evil living tree!!!! At the end of the workshop P.J. signed the sketch he had created of our character and presented it to the pupils of 5th and 6th class.

We had a great day and learned a lot about story writing and illustrating, plus we got to take home an original, signed piece of art work by P.J. Lynch. Not a bad day’s work at all!!